Central Otago mums helping young girls experience the outdoors

December 12, 2022

A pair of Central Otago mums have set up their own group to help young girls get out and experience the outdoors.

Kim Froggatt and Megan Longman have always loved getting out into the wild, and four years ago they came up with an idea to set up their own group for teenagers.

Two afternoons a week, kids arrive and get themselves set. The group, Journeys, is girls only and they're all teenagers or near their teens.

"They are looking to peers for a lot of affirmation, rather than parents," Froggatt explained.

Instead of being on the couch on their screens, they're in the hills above Alexandra, adventuring, outside, powered by their own steam.

As the younger girls get older, they become leaders. In summer they bike, and in winter they're orienteering.

Froggatt and Longman want more girls to get the adventuring bug because they reckon it has many benefits.

"You know that real, fundamental human need to connect with others and to belong," Longman said.

To find out more about the group and their adventures, click on the video above.


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