Lawyer Sue Grey sorry after being held in custody for 'disruptive behaviour'

Sue Grey.

Lawyer Sue Grey has apologised to a judge after “disruptive behaviour” led to her being held in contempt of court.

Nelson District Court Judge Tony Zohrab had Grey placed into custody after a dispute in court earlier today.

The judge described her behaviour as “disruptive” and told her that she “kept repeatedly talking over me”.

Grey was not acting on behalf of the defendant at the time. Judge Zohrab went on to say around 40 supporters were in the court this morning and Grey’s behaviour resulted in “virtually a riot”.

This afternoon Grey apologised to Judge Zohrab. “I’m sorry if I have caused offence to you”.

She went on to say she believed she was acting in the best interest of the court and explained her actions.

Judge Zohrab responded: “So what are you apologising for?”

Grey responded: “I’m not sure. I’ve been sitting there freezing for the last few hours”. She went on to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Judge Zohrab questioned Grey’s professional conduct as a lawyer and said he would be referring a recording of the morning's events to the Law Society.

She was allowed to leave after the hearing and wasn't charged with contempt of court.

Promoting disinformation

Grey is known for promoting disinformation and conspiracy theories about Covid-19.

The lawyer recently represented the parents who didn’t want their child to have blood donated from someone that had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Grey describes herself online as a specialist in environmental law and resource allocation. She is also co-leader of the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party.

A handful of Grey’s supporters were in the public gallery, one occasionally singing before the judge entered.

Police were also present at the door of the courtroom. The judge had one person removed from the court during this afternoon’s short hearing.


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