Kiwi woman transforms garage into Christmas wonderland

December 25, 2022

It might not look especially Christmassy, but locals know what's lurking at the end of Sha Harber's drive.

For about 15 years, Sha and her husband Pete have been inflating inflatables, switching lights on - lots of them - and transforming their four-car garage into a Christmas wonderland.

It takes five weeks to erect and one week to pull down.

It used to live in Sha's house, but then it got too big.

"It got to the stage where there was so much of it, it was time to share it with others," Sha said.

Pete does the technical work and every year there's something new to marvel at.

Everyone who comes to Sha's place drops something in the bucket, with the money going to a different charity each year.

This year it's Hospice, a place Sha knows a bit about. She's a nurse and some of the decorations are made by her patients.

For Sha, Christmas is all about spreading joy.

"I love sharing what we have with others."

Watch the video above to see Sha's Christmas wonderland for yourself.


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