125-year-old Golden Bay grandstand reopens after community campaign

The re-opening of a 125-year-old grandstand in Golden Bay is a long time coming for the community, which fought for its survival.

The historic grandstand at the Golden Bay Park and Showgrounds was set for demolition in 2018 to make way for car parks.

But after a lengthy public campaign, including some residents sleeping overnight there, the council backed down.

The rescued 125-year-old grandstand, now looking as good as new.

In fact, Tasman Mayor Tim King today helped officiate the reopening today at the 125th Golden Bay A&P Show.

The show's vice president Noel Baigent said it'd been a seven-year struggle to get to this point.

"It's over. The grandstand is here to stay; let bygones be bygones"

Tasman Council has spent $1 million restoring the grandstand, which was originally built in 1898.

The grandstand reopening couldn't have come at a better time as many sought shade on the sweltering day.

Gathered visitors enjoying the view from the refurbished stand.

The Golden Bay A&P Show is a big event for the region, especially after it was cancelled last year due to Covid-19.

This year is the 125th show, and the Takaka Citizens band have been there from the stand. The band's commitment was honoured today with a plaque.

Golden Bay grandstand in 1918.

Takaka Citizen Band President Crowther Reynish has been to every show for 73 years.

"It's just something that I was taught very, very young by my father, and I've just enjoyed it so much that I've stayed in the band all those years".