Ed Sheeran asked for ID while visiting Wairarapa bar

Wed, Jan 25

A Kiwi bar owner says she asked pop star Ed Sheeran for his ID when he visited her Featherson bar over the weekend.

The singer was passing through Wairarapa on Sunday when he stopped for a drink and some food.

Manager Debbie Sinclair was behind the bar, and described the experience as "so awesome".

"He came up to the bar and asked what kind of beers we had on tap," she told Breakfast.

"I looked at him and thought 'gee you look like Ed Sheeran'."

However she said she was immediately cautious.

"I looked at the man he was with and thought this might be a [police] sting," she said, laughing.

"I thought I better not risk it, so I asked do you have ID."

As it turned out - it actually was Ed Sheeran.

"We took him to the table and we poured his drinks and took it over to him," she said.

"He was such a lovely, lovely guy."

Before leaving the table she asked the singer for a favour, and he said he would come and see her at the bar before they left.

"He came up to me and said 'where’s your phone' so I got my phone, he grabbed it and said 'how do you put your camera on'.

After taking a selfie with the bar manager, he left.

"It was so lovely," she said.

"He put me on cloud nine and I don't think I have come off it since!"