Prime suspect in Waiheke mailbox sausage mystery cleared?

The Surfdale Sausager has dominated headlines, air time, radio shows and Tik Toks since Sunday afternoon when the story broke.

Someone had been leaving sausages in letterboxes around the Surfdale community on Auckland's Waiheke Island for no apparent reason.

Reporting from mainland Auckland, 1News discovered that Waiheke resident The Mad Butcher Sir Peter Leitch was not involved, and that a copy cat crime had occurred in Point Chevalier.

Breakfast were dedicated to the evolving story, and sent reporter Tessa Parker to the source of the sausage terror, crossing the ocean to investigate on Waiheke.

A troublemaker has been depositing sausages in letterboxes on Waiheke Island.

While on the island it became apparent that Surfdale youth were involved and/or behind it.

Speaking to a group of teenagers, the political division that sausages can cause became apparent. Talking of their sausages left in their letterboxes, the teens (and parents) started pointed fingers at each other. Nobody knew what was true, or who to trust.

About five fingers were pointed however to Jacob Coetzee, the young man who broke the story and has been the subject of many media interviews.

"I feel it's a situation that needed to be bought to the stage light. If it was left un-turned, metaphorical intended.

"I believe it would have gone on for too long, there would have been too many sleepless nights, and I just can't afford the therapy," said Jacob.

"He's the one that says he's trying to solve the case and talking to everyone about it, it's the perfect cover up," said one Surfdale teen and friend of Coetzee.

After a solid grilling in the end Jacob's alibi was his saving grace - according to his mum, Jacob was away for eight days when they got sausaged.

Proving his innocence, Breakfast was once again left without a leading suspect, and the case of the Surfdale Sausager remains open.


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