Grant Robertson to be list MP, will not run for Wellington Central

Fri, Jan 27
Grant Robertson.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced this morning that he will continue as a list MP for Labour, leaving his Wellington Central seat open for the 2023 election.

He announced the decision through a Facebook post, writing that being the Minister of Finance is a "huge job [that can] often draw you away from electorate responsibilities", particularly as the country enters a difficult economic period.

"Those [economic] challenges are likely to last for some time. Post-election I want to continue as Minister of Finance, and devote myself to that role, without feeling I am not giving my full attention to the people of Wellington Central," he said.

Robertson acknowledged the "shock" some might feel about his decision, especially following the "mixture of emotions" from Jacinda Ardern's resignation as prime minister.

However, he told followers that there was reason to be excited about "a new leadership team and the opportunity ahead at this election".

"I genuinely believe that Labour is on the right track to win the election and it is so important that we do for the future of Aotearoa New Zealand," he said.