Australian opposition calls for greater 501 clarity

Dan Tehan.

Australia's Shadow Minister for Immigration is calling on the Federal Government to give greater clarity on the changes to the controversial 501 policy.

The rules regularly see New Zealand citizens deported from Australia if they've committed a seious crime, no matter how long they've lived there.

However, in significant changes that'll come into effect from March 3, officials will now take into account family ties and the duration someone's spent living in Australia.

Liberal Party member Dan Tehan tweeted today saying the "Labor Government need to be up front with the Australian people".

"What is the length of time that a New Zealand citizen has to live in the country to qualify to remain here after they commit a crime? Is it two years? Five years? Ten years?"

Tehan's calling on the government to also lay out what crimes a New Zealand citizen can commit, and still remain in Australia.

"The New Zealand prime minister has belled the cat by saying there will be more announcements on visa cancellations and "the general treatment of New Zealanders living in Australia", surely the Australian people deserve to know what other concessions are on the table?"


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