Ed Sheeran invites Kiwi fan on stage after forgetting lyrics to hit song

UK musician Ed Sheeran welcomed a young fan onto the stage to help him out after he forgot the lyrics to one of his most popular songs.

The singer's mind went blank last night during the performance of his 2017 hit Galway Girl at Wellington's Sky Stadium.

After making a couple of attempts, and apologising to his violinist, Sheeran explained to the crowd that he was overthinking it and "psyching himself out".

But he knew exactly what to do to correct his hilarious blunder.

Brave Pippa joined her hero Ed Sheeran on stage and helped him remember the words to Galway Girl.

Looking out to the thousands of long-time fans, he asked if there was anyone who could help him out – prompting young Pippa Guerin to step up to the task.

She bravely made her way onto the stage where she was set up with a pair of headphones and a microphone.

A supportive Sheeran stood by her side as she guided him through the track.

In an interview with 1News earlier today, Pippa said as soon as the Shape of You singer asked if anyone in the audience would like to join him, she shot up her hand.

She said: "He mucked up on one of his songs and then he asked the audience out of 48,000 people if anyone would like to come on the stage and sing.

"I put my hand up and I was right in front of him and he pointed to me and said 'can you sing?' and I said 'yes' and then he said 'do you know the song?' and I said 'yes'."

Pippa couldn't believe that of all the tens of thousands in the crowd, she was the one lucky enough to go on stage.

Sheeran's security team lifted her over the fence and she was taken under the stage to get a microphone.

She said: "I was very nervous and I said to Ed I can't remember all the verses because it just went blank in my head."

But with some kind encouragement from the man himself, she felt a bit more confident.

"He said 'I know you'll do great'."

Sheeran gave Pippa a reassuring hug at the end of her performance

When the crowd began shouting her name, Pippa said she "felt appreciated".

"[It was] pretty cool because it was my first concert ever."

Pippa, who takes singing lessons, said Sheeran told her she should keep going and follow her dreams.

She said: "I want to keep singing now."

He went on to reveal it was the first time an audience member had sung with him.

Sky Stadium hosted a record-breaking 48,000 people for the Sheeran showcase, beating out Eminem's 2019 show with 46,474 people.

The evening included music from New Zealand's own Kaylee Bell, who opened for the British dad of one along with Maisie Peters.

Yesterday the Shape of You hitmaker offered a message to Aucklanders, saying his team is trying their best to ensure the concerts in the city go ahead.

It comes as venue officials in Auckland assess the extent of the damage after stadiums across the city were hit hard by "unprecedented wet" weather and wind.

Alexandra Park was one of the unluckier venues with the racetrack more resembling a riverbed after copping the full force of last week's flooding.

Across town, it was blue skies back at Western Springs yesterday but there was little movement with clean-up for the cancelled Laneway Festival event, which was halted over safety concerns after flood water rose more than half a metre at its peak.