Slips an everyday hazard after Auckland's unprecedented rain

Fri, Feb 3

Unprecedented rain in Auckland over the past few days has scarred the city with slips.

Twenty-nine roads remain closed across North, Central and West Auckland as authorities admit they still don't know how many slips there are.

One resident told 1News he's had to remove 150 tonnes of debris after a slip blocked his driveway, but said he's one of the lucky ones because he's still able to live in his house.

One man lost his life when a cliff collapsed on him.

Another 250 West Aucklanders are filling up from water trucks after pipe failures cut their supply.

"There's an awful lot of water in the soil. A lot of the soils we have in Auckland are sedimentary rocks over interlead, siltstone, mudstone, sandstone, so when they come into contact with water they can erode as we've seen," Ian McCormack from Auckland Emergency Management said.

Mels Barton said Titirangi residents have become fraught with anxiety.

"When you can hear all those slips and trees falling over, and power poles falling over around you, then as soon as it starts raining you're just 'Oh is it gonna be us this time?'"

Barton is part of the Stop the Chop campaign, which wants planning law changes, with more protection for trees to stabilise the unsteady ground.


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