UK pop star Maisie Peters to perform in NZ for first time

For most 22-year-olds, going on tour with Ed Sheeran and selling out music venues around the world might seem out of reach.

But Maisie Peters isn’t like most 22-year-olds.

The UK pop star, who has been opening for Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics tour, is now performing in New Zealand for the first time.

“It’s so beautiful, and it’s my first time in New Zealand, my first time in the Southern Hemisphere,” Peters said.

But the singer is staying tight-lipped on any secrets she’s learned about Sheeran while on tour.

“I don’t think it’s my place to share Ed’s secret. I think you just have to imagine them and whatever you imagine will be worse and I like that.”

She said one thing he has taught her when it comes to songwriting, however, is to follow your instincts.

“I think he trusts his instincts within songwriting and with everything, but that’s a lesson I’ve tried to take on board.”

Peters has two upcoming solo gigs in Wellington and Auckland, and both have already sold out.

It comes after dropping her latest single, Body Better, last Friday, which is the first to be released from her second album.

Kiwi fans will be the first to hear it performed live.

She said the song, which was written in the aftermath of a breakup, is one of her most personal songs to date.

“I really, really delve deep with this album, and I'm sure there are more traumatising moments for me to go through in life that will subsequently create even better music.”

She jokes that her fans resonate with her breakup songs because they’re “subtly and quietly unhinged”.

“I like that and I think that’s me too,” she said.

Peters said her one piece of advice to upcoming musicians is to not be afraid of being "cringe”.

“I get to travel the world and do all these fun cool things and it's all because when I was 16 I was not afraid of being cringe,” she said.

“I put out my little YouTube videos and now here I am.”

With 20,000 tickets sold across the UK and Europe in April, Peters is set to perform her biggest shows to date.

She may not be a household name just yet, but Maisie Peters is one to watch.