Good Sorts: Courier driver making an extra pickup to help family

Sun, Feb 5

Courier, Garry McLaughlin is going the extra mile to help a family in need.

Every week, for the past four years he has dropped by the McDonald house to collect Amanda, who has a speech impediment.

He does this to give Amanda's mum, Sally a well-earned break.

Sally says there has never been a diagnosis for her daughter, who has been unable to speak since birth.

“It’s just like some of the fuses haven’t connected," she says.

Garry takes Amanda to a friend for the night so mum and dad can have a break.

“It feels really important for her father and I to have that time, just for us,” Sally says.

Garry says it’s not a task - “it’s something I enjoy doing”.

For a man whose career is based on being fast, Garry has found joy in slowing down.


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