New Aussie Netflix rules grab attention of NZ

Some of New Zealand's top screenwriting talent would like to see the Government bring in rules that would force companies like Netflix and Disney to produce local content.

It comes off the back of moves by the Australian Federal Government which has committed to a rule change by mid-2024, that'd force big streamers to reinvest money in the local market.

The companies would also likely be party to laws in Australia that force companies to produce a certain quota of content domestically.

Alice Shearman, executive director of the New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG) told 1News she'd been watching moves across the Tasman closely.

"In New Zealand we do have those incredible breakout successes like Boy and Ticked, but they're produced locally," she said.

"They are developed locally in New Zealand, but we don't have that international development pool that Australia has."

Shearman said the current playing field for local screenwriters is extremely competitive.

"I always say getting anything on television is a miracle, getting a film is even more of a miracle."

The NZWG thinks making streamers invest is a good step, but believes the New Zealand Government should focus on bringing in content quotas here too.

"It helps produce stories that for the well-being of citizens of their country they can see themselves and that's a good thing."


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