Otago shearers break own charity goal

Five men have shorn thousands more sheep than they were anticipating at a fundraiser in Otago.

Shear 4 A Cause had set a target of 10,000 sheep over a 24 time frame, but the group exceeded it by 3000 sheep.

The men had a couple of breaks during the challenge.

Shearer Matt Hunt told 1News it was no easy feat.

"I can feel a bit of pain but that's just the body knowing you're working. It's when you get that mental side I'm going to enjoy more, you know you start struggling, that's the bit I thrive on.

"You become a robot that's how I'm feeling nothings really going through ya head," Hunt said.

Shear 4 A Cause organiser Jared Manuhera said an eight hour day of shearing is like running one marathon, "so these men are going to be running three marathons in a row with no sleep".

"We're hoping to raise over $100,000 and I think to those charities it will mean a bit but for us as long as we can help one person in each of these charities it's our job done," Manuhera said.

Wohelo Station hosted the event in West Otago, and the owner, Nelson Hancox, had no hesitation getting involved.

"We just don't know what's around the corner and that's the big thing for me there's plenty of people that get struck with cancer and all the other things and Ronald McDonald house does outstanding things."


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