Why you might be struggling to find chicken kievs at supermarkets

Tue, Feb 7
People shopping at supermarket, file image.

Kiwis struggling to find frozen chicken kievs at the supermarket this summer have reason to be hopeful with the drought set to be over.

Suppliers of Waitoa Kievs, Inghams, explained to 1News why there has been a shortage of the crumbed treat.

"We have had a small production gap due to the short holiday weeks, availability of staff and prioritising high demand lines such as Chicken Nuggets," a spokesperson for Inghams said.

However, the end appears to be in sight.

"Good news is that we have recently resupplied both retailers with orders for Waitoa Kievs and stock should be in store by the end of the week," the spokesperson added.

It comes as New Zealand is battling an egg supply shortage, which is expected to continue for some months.

Yesterday a fire at an egg-laying farm in the Waikato claimed the lives of 50,000 hens.

That tragedy is not expected to impact the current egg shortage according to Zeagold Nutrition chief executive John McKay.

"The reality is the losses at Orini, represent only 1.4% of the layer hen population nationally so while it’s a tragic loss it won’t have a significant impact on egg supply."

The egg laying farm has been running for nearly two years when the fire occurred, he said.

Zeagold is the biggest egg producer in New Zealand, selling its eggs under the Woodland and Farmer Brown brands.