Porirua farm manager 'overwhelmed' by donations for cyclone victims

A call for donations for victims of Cyclone Gabrielle in the Hawke's Bay has had an "overwhelming" response.

Willowbank farm manager Paul Nation, from Porirua, was already delivering generators to the region when he put a call out on Facebook for more aid.

By this evening he and the volunteers at Judgeford Golf Club have been inundated with donations including bedding, food, water and nappies.

"I am panicking about how I am going to get it all up there. I am going to have to get my horse truck I think. The generosity has been amazing," Nation says.

Nation, a former rural fire commander in the Hawke's Bay and civil defence coordinator, has been liaising with police to get the aid where it needs to.

"They are coordinating everything up there at the moment and have given me a job number and on the way up they are going to give me an address."

For Porirua local Angel Dominigos, donating essential items is all she can do to get assistance to her loved ones currently cut off.

"I have friends up there who I have not managed to speak to in Wairoa and on the outskirts of Napier," she says.

"We are praying for them and everyone up there and we love them and look forward to seeing them when all of this is over."


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