Westpac warns of Cyclone Gabrielle-related scam messages

Thu, Feb 16
Over a three-month period, Kiwis lost almost $9 million.

Westpac is warning people to be wary of Cyclone Gabrielle-related scams.

The bank's head of financial crime Mark Coxhead says he's aware scammers are trying to take advantage of the cyclone and other recent weather events to steal money and bank details.

He says Westpac urges people not to click on links in emails or text messages.

"In general, customers should be vigilant for any unsolicited or unusual calls, texts or emails from their bank, insurance company or another business or government agency.

Some of the cyclone-related scams.

"If people receive a call that they are unsure about, they should hang up and call the organisation back on their official listed number.

He said despite the scams, there are also a lot of "kind-hearted" people out there looking to make donations.

"They should only use well-established and reputable fundraising platforms or official charities to do so.”

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