Good Sorts: Upper Hutt man starts rehab centre after son's addiction

Mon, Feb 27

This week's Good Sort is Upper Hutt man David Collinge, who started his own rehab centre after his son Blain became addicted to methamphetamine.

His son's struggles and the difficulty of navigating the rehab system convinced him to leave his former life in advertising to start Red Door Recovery.

The rehab centre is inside a house where people live as a family as stay as long as it takes.

For some it's just four weeks. For others it's longer.

Collinge's team is full of people who've needed help in the past, and now work to earn the trust of others who struggle with addiction.

"I didn't think I could exist without alcohol and drugs," said Tristain, who relapsed after a friend died.

"I knew I had to pull the trigger and come back."

He's back at Red Door Recovery where he's being helped by Kate, a former addict who is now a drug and alcohol clinician.

"I started seeing joy in life," Tristain said.

Collinge said those who turn up at the rehab centre after struggling with their mental health and addiction "are really some of the nicest people you've ever met".

His own son has done it and seen it, and is now helping others with recovery — watching people regaining jobs and houses, family members being reunited and kids getting their parents back.

"I'm rich," Collinge said. "I don't have any money anymore but I'm rich."


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