BMX star Sarah Walker to drive at Rally Otago

Olympic silver medalist Sarah Walker will swap two wheels for four - driving as the celebrity guest at Otago Rally next month.

While it's her rally debut, she's had a 'feel for it' before.

"In BMX my first race winnings I ever got I brought a PlayStation, and I got a game called Colin McRae Rally and I played that thing so much growing up and so I guess that started the car racing hobby on the side," said Walker.

The 34-year-old acknowledges this is "completely different" but is excited for the challenge ahead.

"Being brave and doing something that makes me a bit nervous is one of the most rewarding feelings so being able to that at this event is really cool," she said.

The event's organisers are thrilled to have her onboard, driving alongside co-driver Grant Marra in the same 1998 Subaru Impreza Olympic rower Hamish Bond drove last year.

"It means a lot to the competitors and fans cause everyone's keen to showcase their sport and it's really quite motivating," said rally spokesman Roger Oakley.

It's the three-time world champion's first event back since having her first baby, Maia, last year.

"I named her Maia which means brave or courageous in Māori to reflect what I hope she is but also a reminder to me I need to be brave each day as well," she said.

And in terms of her sporting career moving forward, she's content with where she's at.

"Right up until the Tokyo Olympics I loved riding my bike and so whether it looks like going into the elite ranks or looks like whatever I know I want to keep riding my bike as long as I can," she said.

The Otago Rally will be held in Dunedin on the first week of April.