Over 2100 properties red, yellow stickered post-cyclone

The northern Hawke's Bay town of Wairoa post-cyclone.

Three weeks on from Cyclone Gabrielle there's still over 1000 properties without power and many communities remain totally isolated.

The worst hit has been Hawke's Bay and Tairāwhiti, where states of emergency remain in place. As the picture of the damage becomes clear, 1News has been crunching the numbers.

Across the North Island 489 properties have been red stickered, meaning there's significant damage and they can't be entered. More than half of these are in Auckland.

The figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment show there's 1669 yellow-stickered properties. It means they have moderate damage and may be entered.

Between Hawke's Bay, Tairāwhiti and Auckland there's around 23 communities that remain isolated, unable to come and go by road.

More than 1300 properties remain without power, mostly in rural Hawke's Bay.

There's also still plenty of road closures, with six state highways and more than 100 local roads either fully or partially closed.

Hawke's Bay

Christopher and Luciana Barber.

The clean-up continues in the "fruit bowl" of New Zealand, with businesses and residents continuing to pick up the pieces.

Hawke's Bay properties suffered the most damage from Cyclone Gabrielle, particularly in Hastings.

Nintey-four Hastings properties have been red stickered, with 682 yellow stickered. In Napier, four properties are red stickered and 118 yellow stickered.

One property in Central Hawke's Bay has been red stickered and 97 yellow stickered. And in Wairoa, which was completely cut off initially, three have been red stickered and 151 yellow stickered.

Red, yellow and white stickers

According to Unison, there's still 1339 properties without power, mainly in rural Hastings.

Many communities remain partially or fully cut off including: Te Haroto, Te Pōhue, Waikoau, Tutira, Waitaha Station, Putorino, Kaiwaka, Rissington, Dartmoor, Patoka, Waihau and Puketitiri. It's estimated around 1300 people live in the isolated areas.


In Gisborne, the city's water supply is still impacted by a major break in the pipeline, meaning the town will be under restrictions for weeks more.

Eleven dwellings have been red stickered and 170 yellow stickered. As of Monday, a pocket of 25 homes remain without power.

Getting around the region remains challenging with 55 roads closed or restricted and 24 closed bridges.

Many communities are still isolated, including Tauwhareparae Rd, Hangaroa, Tahunga, Pehiri, Wharekopae, Tiniroto, Tokomaru Bay, Waipiro Bay and Horehore Station.


A house sits destroyed at the bottom of a large landslide on Domain Crescent in Muriwai following Cyclone Gabrielle

In the country's largest city people are dealing with the compounding impact of Cyclone Gabrielle and January's floods.

Auckland's western beach communities were hit particularly hard during the cyclone and there's warnings that the earth in those places may still be unstable.

Across the city 307 dwellings have been red stickered and 345 have been yellow stickered. This only includes damage done during Cyclone Gabrielle, with hundred more damaged during other severe weather events this year.

Auckland Transport's website lists around 50 partial or full road closures, mainly as a result of the recent severe weather. The surf town of Karekare in West Auckland remains cut off.


Flooding in the Whakapara region, north of Whangarei.

The region is slowly getting back to normal with no communities isolated and power fully restored.

However, 11 roads remain closed and a further 84 have restrictions.

Across the region 43 properties have been red stickered recently and 57 yellow stickered.

Note: All figures were provided by local councils, civil defence groups, or other official channels. They are accurate at the time of publishing but are subject to change. This is not an exhaustive list of the ongoing impact of Cyclone Gabrielle, which has been felt across the North Island.


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