Students in hospital after raw chicken served at Kaitaia College

Wed, Mar 8
Raw chicken tenders served at Kaitaia College.

A school lunch provider has issued an apology after raw chicken was served to Kaitaia College students, leaving some in hospital.

Uncooked chicken tenders were mistakenly on the menu today, with some students becoming ill.

Kaitaia College said students were told to "immediately stop eating" the raw product after it was first discovered.

"A number of them have begun feeling ill, with some students taken to hospital for further treatment," Board of Trustees Chairperson Diane Laurenson said in a statement to parents.

"Parents have been advised and the food supplier, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and other government agencies have been notified."

Kaitaia College.

School lunch provider Bells Produce Ltd also gave a statement on the issue, including an apology.

"We have become aware that in today's lunches to the Kaitaia College, which was had cooled crumbed chicken as in ingredient, that a batch of the lunches had uncooked meat.

"Firstly we would like apologise to the school and children who this may have affected.

"All of the lunches were recalled as a safety measure once we we notified.

"We understand this is a concerning issue and we will be investigating what may have caused this issue as well as working with the school and everyone required in this matter to work through it.

"Once again we are deeply sorry to everybody involved and that those effected lunches not to a safe and acceptable standard that should be expected."

Kaitaia College also apologised for the incident.


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