Whakatāne winner 'jumping up and down' over big Lotto prize

Wed, Mar 8
Lotto winners room.

A lucky Whakatāne winner was "jumping up and down" after realising they had won $1 million in Lotto's first division on Saturday night.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, checked their ticket the same night.

"I had to scroll down before I saw all my numbers lined up. I couldn't believe it — I was jumping up and down and shouted to my family, 'check these numbers, check these numbers!'

"I was shocked. I saw that someone in Whakatāne had won, so I thought it had to be me, but I still didn't want to get my hopes up.

"I was so hyped and didn't go to bed until late on Saturday night. The next day, I thought I would just act normal and not think about it."

They already have plans for the big windfall.

"It will make such a difference to my life. It gives me the financial freedom to pay off my mortgage."

First however, they are going to celebrate by taking family out for dinner.


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