Raw chicken served at Kaitaia College 'horrific, disgusting' - student

Thu, Mar 9
Raw chicken tenders served at Kaitaia College.

The raw chicken served at Kaitaia College yesterday was "disgusting and horrific", one student says.

Uncooked chicken tenders provided by Bells Produce Ltd saw some students throwing up in classes and left others in hospital.

The school said students were told to "immediately stop eating" the lunch, with teachers going from classroom to classroom and the principal getting on the intercom to issue a warning.

Student Lennox Goodhue-Wikitera told Breakfast this morning the school hall was set up as an area for sick students.

"There were a lot of really concerned parents, it was a really bad thing that happened."

Goodhue-Wikitera said they think the school acted quickly when children fell ill and bought other food for them.

"I would actually like to commend our principal Louise Anaru who immediately contacted whānau and let us know, gave us advice and some teachers out of their own pockets even shouted kids lunch because we couldn't eat the lunch [provided] so that was also something positive."

Goodhue-Wikitera said teachers were bringing in pizzas, hot chips, and ice cream.

"It is negative but there is also a positive side to it as well that the teachers stood up and actually took it upon themselves to, you know, solve it in their own way."

Goodhue-Wikitera said they felt it was important to speak up about the issue because it's happened before.

"I just really hope that since it's been brought to public attention the school would take action and either find a different food provider because it's been going on for way too long now, it's not the first incident, we've had raw meat served in the past.

"We don't feel like we've been heard — I mean I did a protest last year to try and bring the school canteen back because that's what the kids wanted.

"It just sort of fell on deaf ears and nothings really been done and that's why I wanted to share this with everyone and get some action happening."

Goodhue-Wikitera said since the incident yesterday, the school has sent out emails with advice for students if they experience food poisoning.

"I understand there's also going to be an audit happening with the food providers so that's something good as well, so I'll just go to school today and see what happens and hopefully there's some positive change or else we're going to have to do something about it."

Both the school and Bells Produce Ltd have apologised for the incident.