Queenstown bank ram-raided in front of stunned bystanders

A man has been arrested after a Queenstown bank was ram-raided in front of dozens of stunned onlookers on Friday night.

Police said the incident occurred around 11.45pm on Camp Street.

Footage provided to 1News shows a driver reversing into the BNZ bank, while several bystanders watched on.

Luke Young witnessed the ram-raid and told 1News he saw the car getting ready to hit the bank in the middle of the street.

"Just one guy was pulling big chains out from the boot.

"He backed the car in position, turned up the radio full bore and reversed back into the ATM."

He witnessed bystanders attempt to stop the driver after he hit the bank for the second time.

"He would have run someone over if they got in the way," Young said.

Police said they believe the driver reversed into the storefront several times but left the scene without taking anything.

They quickly located the vehicle and followed it along State Highway 6 before it was successfully spiked south of Kingston and stopped shortly after.

One man was taken into custody and is now facing charges, police said.