Forty jobs advertised at Antarctica's Scott Base

Is your 9-to-5 job getting a bit punishing? Or, are you after a unique view at work?

Well, if you can get past the frozen tundra of the world's southern-most continent, it might be worth applying for one of the 40 jobs going at Scott Base.

Antarctica NZ is hiring for a range of roles — engineers and mechanics, cooks and cleaners, medics and electricians — and Scott Base services supervisor Luke Tarplett said there are "phenomenal opportunities" to see a continent so rarely visited by humans.

"We do work hard down there. We do six-day weeks, and that's to make sure we're there to support the scientists."

Tarplett only recently returned from his second season on ice, a five month trip which he will repeat for a third time in August, along with the 40 new staff.

"We've got to be there to support each other in both the good times and the hard times, so it's really, really important that we gel and have that bond with each other."

To that end, Antarctica NZ sends the team on what's called 'ANZAT training', an Antarctic awareness programme which prepares people not only for their roles, but the isolation and reality of the frozen tundra.

"Obviously, resilience comes in there, so people can deal with being away from their friends and family for a long period of time."

Tarplett said people who've travelled the world tend to excel at Scott Base, "but anyone who has enthusiasm for science… that tends to bond people together".

The jobs are advertised on Antarctica NZ's website, where you can register your interest.

Most roles require a commitment from August 2023 to February 2024.

Applications close at 5pm on Sunday, March 19.


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