Hugh Grant's awkward Oscars interview divides opinion

Tue, Mar 14

Hugh Grant's awkward Oscars interview has divided opinion online.

Presenter Ashley Graham struggled to get much out of the British actor on the champagne carpet yesterday.

The interview took a turn for the worse when she asked the Love Actually star if he was backing anyone to win at the ceremony.

Grant paused before saying, "no one in particular".

"OK, well what are you wearing tonight?" Graham probed, hoping for more energy.

"Just my suit," Grant replied.

Her question about Grant's appearance in Glass Onion didn't fare much better.

"Well I am barely in it, I am in it for about three seconds," Grant said.

The awkward interview ended shortly after, with Grant raising his eyebrows after Graham finished with "nice to talk to you."

Many took to Twitter to slam Grant for his demeanour.

"Hugh Grant rolls his eyes after his awkward interview with Ashley Graham. She tried!" one person wrote.

"Maybe I shouldn't have used the D-word - but to me he just behaved like a d*ck," UK broadcaster Piers Morgan wrote.

"Hugh Grant forgot to drink his Metamucil this morning… So uncalled for," commented another.

However, Grant also had his backers, with UK comedian David Baddiel among them.

"Those on here having a go at Hugh Grant for being rude on the Oscars red carpet have perhaps mixed up the word rude with the word real," he posted on Twitter.

"God I ❤️ Hugh Grant," another post simply stated.

Another moment that caused a stir at the Oscars came in the shape of a white dress worn by nominated singer Tems.

The Nigerian singer-songwriter stunned in her fashionable dress on the newly created champagne carpet.

However, some believed it was less practical for those sitting behind her once inside the Dolby Theatre.

"There's this lady in the Oscars audience wearing a white dress that blocks the view of like 15 people behind her and I can't stop laughing," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Ooh, I’d hate to be sat behind the woman in the white dress," another commented.

There were plenty of people complimenting Tems on her attire as well.

"Tems is absolutely stunning!! she’s easily the best dressed."


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