'Get the f*** off' - Avril Lavigne confronts topless protester

Wed, Mar 15
Canadian singer Avril Lavigne's speech at the Juno Awards is interrupted by a topless protester .

Pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne last night confronted a topless protester who crashed the stage at a music awards ceremony in Canada.

The Girlfriend hitmaker was introducing singer AP Dhillon to the stage when the woman ran on stage behind her in Edmonton, Alberta, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports.

Messages written on the woman's back read "stop logging old growth now" and "save the green belt".

The greenbelt is believed to be in reference to a controversial plan announced by the Ontario government to remove 7400 acres of protected green space to convert it into housing developments.

The Canadian pop star attempted to finish her introduction before yelling at the woman to "get the f*** off" and reportedly swatted at the protester's left breast.

The woman was removed from the stage by a security guard.

Casey Hatherly, 37, was charged with mischief following the incident.

Lavigne later won the TikTok Juno fan choice award.

"Now nobody try anything this time. I'll f*** a b**** up," Lavigne said.


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