SPCA still at capacity following cyclone


The SPCA is still at capacity after Cyclone Gabrielle tore through the North Island, leaving many animals displaced, sick and vulnerable.

Alongside the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the Massey University Emergency Rescue Team, and HUHA, the SPCA has been working tirelessly to help needy animals.

SPCA CEO Gabby Clezy told 1News that they had noticed a number of calls for assistance since the cyclone hit and have been able to manage thanks to donations and community support.

“SPCA has noticed a number of calls for assistance post-cyclone and has been providing both guidance and care packages –thanks to many generous donations from both our partners, such as Purina, who supplied an incredible amount of pet food and from the public in the form of pet bedding and supplies."

Earlier this month, it was revealed that more than 80 cats from Hawke’s Bay were transported to Wellington to be rehomed - making room at their centres in the region.

“We’re seeing large numbers of kittens coming through our doors.”

Because of how stretched they now are, the SPCA is encouraging people to use social media, as well as friends and family, to help re-home healthy animals.

“SPCA’s priority is to care for sick, vulnerable, abused and neglected animals who come into our care.

“So when otherwise healthy pets need rehoming, we are firstly advising and encouraging people to use friends, family, and social media to provide temporary accommodation or permanent rehoming,” Clezy told 1News.

On the East Coast, HUHA’s Carolyn Press McKenzie told RNZ that close to 90 animals have come through a temporary shelter.

She said a number of animals have come through as their owner's homes have been destroyed by the floods.

The group is now working to rehome the animals.


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