Australian scientists discover new species of 'giant' spider

Fri, Mar 17
Euoplos dignitas.

Australian scientists have discovered a new species of “giant” spider that can only be found in rural parts of Queensland.

In a video released yesterday, Queensland Museum scientists announced it has been named Euoplos Dignitas. The trapdoor spider is only found in the Brigalow Belt in Central Queensland.

The species was named after the project which discovered the arachnid, Project DIG - a collaboration project with BHP mining and Queensland Museum.

The name is also Latin for dignity or greatness. The museum’s principal curator of arachnology, Dr Micheal Rix, said it is “in reference to the really spectacular nature of this spider”.

“It’s a big, beautiful species,” he said.

The discovery comes as the two organisations work to find and document new species across the state.

"This new spider species is a great example of Queensland Museum's ground-breaking research," Queensland’s arts minister Leeanne Enoch said.