Labour MP for Whangārei announces retirement

Fri, Mar 17
Emily Henderson

Labour MP Emily Henderson will retire from politics at the upcoming election after three years representing Whangārei.

Henderson made history as the first woman electorate MP to represent Whangārei and the first Labour MP for Whangārei in over 45 years.

She was first elected in 2020, narrowly beating National MP Dr Shane Reti.

"It's been a huge privilege and joy to represent Whangarei and to be part of this Labour government over the last three years," she said in a statement.

Henderson plans to return to her legal career.

"I entered Parliament with a long history of law reform in the family and criminal courts, including helping to set up the Sexual Violence Courts and it is to this work I intend to return.

"When I entered Parliament I campaigned hard to get funding to rebuild our shamefully neglected hospital in Whangārei.

"I'm proud that our Labour Government has committed to the hospital rebuild - the biggest infrastructure investment in Whangarei's history."

Henderson thanked the people of her electorate.

"Thank you, Whangārei, for the privilege of working with and for you. Together we have made a difference."

Henderson will carry on being the MP for Whangārei until the 23 October election.