Most displaced pets in Hawke's Bay rehomed, reunited with owners

Fri, Mar 17

Almost all of the pets that were displaced in Hawke's Bay after Cyclone Gabrielle have been rehomed or reunited with their owners.

Hastings Racecourse was used to house the displaced animals and was also used as a drop off and distribution centre for donated goods.

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Hastings Racecourse boss Aaron Hamilton and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) boss Carolyn Press-Mckenzie, said they were "inundated" with animals in need and donations of goods as soon as the wild weather struck.

Press-Mckenzie said 125 animals came through the racecourse after the cyclone and it was "incredibly emotional".

"Now we've just got the ones [animals] where the owners haven't come forward or they've been surrendered to us because people's situations have changed and they just feel they can't keep that connection with that pet anymore.

"Those ones will come back to Wellington with us probably tomorrow, and they'll be available for adoptions."

She said still at the temporary shelter is six dogs and 22 cats.

Almost all of the pets displaced after Cyclone Gabrielle have been rehomed or reunited with their owners.

Among the rehomed animals was a goldfish who was found in a drain after the cyclone.

"They got adopted to a local hero. Pip at the Hawke's Bay SPCA fell in love with them and she has adopted them and they are proudly at her home so they are in very good hands," Press-Mckenzie said.

She said a few of the animals are "a little worse for wear" but they have a vet on board to help.

"We'll start doing home visits and matching them up with the right people and getting them into those homes pretty quickly."

The Hastings Racecourse is also set to hold a fundraising event for rural communities in need.

"Rural communities are doing it really tough at the moment so what we are doing, we're partnered with the East Coast Rural Support Trust and on the 15th of April here in Hawke's Bay we've got the Hawke's Bay Cup racing event so we're using that as a big fundraising opportunity."


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