West Auckland shooting: Man fired at police and public during chase

Fri, Mar 17

A man has been shot by police after opening fire on them in Henderson following an attempted robbery at a petrol station this morning.

"At 10am, a man has attempted a robbery of a cash and transit van at a Henderson Valley petrol station," Superintendent Naila Hassan said this afternoon.

"A firearm has been discharged during the incident, however there are no reports of any injuries at the petrol station."

The man left the petrol station and police arrived to cordon off the area. However, at 10:30am the man returned to the scene and pointed a firearm out of a black BMW at police before fleeing.

Police then tracked the man with the police eagle helicopter and in vehicles, who on "multiple occasions" shot at police while driving around Henderson.

"He fired at police at least seven times and may have fired on the public, police fired back at the offender on more than one occasion," Superintendent Hassan said.

"He has then driven to the Henderson Police Station where he has exited his vehicle at 10:49am holding a firearm and was challenged by armed police staff."

Armed police on Buscomb Ave, Henderson.

Superintendent Hassan said the man ignored police's calls to drop his weapon and was fired upon.

The man was critically injured and is currently receiving surgery at Auckland Hospital.

One officer suffered injuries while evading gunshots in their patrol car.

Armed police on Buscomb Ave, Henderson.

Superintendent Hassan added the offender is a man in his mid-20s who is known to police "on active charges related to drugs and violence".

Father and daughter Aimee and Paul Gray were at the Henderson Gull when a man approached with a gun.

Paul explained what happened to 1News during an interview outside the police station.

"It started with a robbery of Armourguard at the Gull petrol station," he said.

"The guy left the scene, the police arrived and then he came back (the offender) about 20 minutes later and presented a firearm to us all in the forecourt then took off and made his way here (Henderson Police Station) and then I believe he got shot."

Eye witnesses said a man fired a gun into the roof of this West Auckland petrol station during a robbery this morning.

His daughter Aimee said the man was carrying an arms-length firearm by his side.

"He was very casual going into the store. As he went into the store he shot into the roof. I was scared I ran to my dad and said call the police," she said.

An unmarked police car with gunshot damage

Police said a number of scenes across West Auckland were locked down as they make inquiries.


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