Akl shooting shows more officers needed on streets - Police Assn

Sat, Mar 18

The Police Association say yesterday's incident in West Auckland shows more officers are needed out on the streets to reassure the public.

A man died in hospital yesterday afternoon, shot by police in Henderson after allegedly shooting at officers "at least seven times".

He had tried to rob a cash and transit van at a Henderson Valley petrol station, police said, and then left the petrol station before returning and pointing a firearm at police.

Police then tracked the man with the eagle helicopter and in vehicles, who on "multiple occasions" shot at officers while driving around Henderson, before being driven to and then shot outside of the Henderson Police Station.

"I think we still need a higher presence on the front line," NZ Police Association president Chris Cahill told 1News today.

"And to do that we've got to take away some of the other demands... Police shouldn't be the lead agency for mental health for instance.

"If we could free some staff up from that, then that'll be more police on the street."

The firearms registry due this year should prevent gun owners selling their weapons illegally to criminals, he added.

It comes after police appealed for witnesses of the incident to come forward, asking anyone with images, cell phone videos, dash cam footage, CCTV or any other multimedia type related to the event to provide it at this link.

Officers also went door-to-door in the area today, seeking to understand what led to New Zealand's 41st fatal police shooting since 1990.

One officer suffered injuries while evading gunshots in their patrol car.