Gary Stead: Time for change with Black Caps coaching setup

Tue, Mar 21
Gary Stead.

Black Caps coach Gary Stead believes the coaching role with the national side does need to be split, but whether he'll be a part of it in the future is unsure.

Monday's innings and 58-run win over Sri Lanka at the Basin Reserve is the sides last test until November, while Stead's contract will end after the World Cup in India October and November.

Since taking over from Mike Hesson in 2018 Stead has looked after the test, ODI and T20 squads, while some other countries have now employed different coaches for the red ball and white balls sides.

"I think it is time to split off and look at it," he said.

"I think the modern game is becoming very tough for players and coaches to try and sustain and New Zealand Cricket and I are definitely talking about that option.

If the coaching role were to be split there is little doubt what format Stead favours.

"Deep down I am a traditionalist and I love test cricket and what that brings, but there is something exciting about the short form game as well, you get results and have to make decisions quickly and that is also exciting and like the players coaches also enjoy having the mixture as well at different times.

So was the second test win over Sri Lanka his last?

"Not sure actually, I guess we'll have to wait and see how that evolves with time and where New Zealand Cricket and I get to with discussions, it's too early to know.

"I love it, they're great guys to work with.

"It's exciting to go out there and test yourself against other players and other coaches who are the best in the world so that's always a good challenge."

Brendon McCullum and Gary Stead.

The 51-year-old doesn't believe a coach has to have a finite term based around a Test Championship cycle.

"In all different positions you look and see what is the turnover of the team looks like and if you look at the World Test Championship (final) for example, I think we're five players down from that in two years.

"So things happen fast and it's easy at times to think there hasn't been change but one new person comes into the team and it creates a different shift in the environment and you're always adjusting to those things."

In his time Stead has taken the side to the 2019 World Cup final and victory in the World Test Championship.

So would he be content if he has coached in his last test?

"If that happens it happens, everyone's shelf life comes to an end at some stage so if it's deemed that I can't offer anything more to the team then I walk away a happy man still."


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