Fans in tears as they meet K-pop star AleXa in Auckland

Fans of K-pop star AleXa were in tears when they met and danced with their idol in Auckland this afternoon.

The Korean-American singer, who is in Aotearoa for her concert in Auckland tomorrow, told 1News she's "loving" connecting with Kiwi fans.

"So far I have had the chance to actually connect with the New Zealand fans, whether it's on social media or meeting them in person, it's been really fun because I didn't realise I had fans in New Zealand of all places.

"Again, K-pop is a global thing but just little old me having fans all over the world, that's a crazy thought to me but I'm so happy and grateful to have New Zealand fans, let's go Kiwis."

One fan told 1News she'd been following AleXa for several years and is very excited she is finally in the country.

"It feels kind of unreal because stuff like this doesn't really happen in New Zealand or Auckland because out K-pop scene isn't very well-known and so having all of this happen here is a bit surreal."

Another fan, who was in tears when AleXa arrived, said it "didn't feel real" to meet the star.

"I just love her as a person, she stands up for a lot of what she believes in and that's why I love her.

"She walked passed and waved at us and I didn't expect it so I'm kind of overwhelmed."

AleXa told 1News the reason K-pop is so popular as a genre is because it covers hip hop, RnB, pop, and ballad.

"There's a little bit of something for everybody."

She also said K-pop is growing more and more popular in Aotearoa but also around the world.

"K-pop, the pop stands for popular music does it not, so I feel like it's definitely becoming such a worldwide phenomenon and it's just growing with every single day that passes."

She said this is her first time in New Zealand and fans will have a lot to look forward to at the concert tomorrow.

"You're going to have some familiar songs and some familiar dances but I've got some never before seen songs and choreography coming up so I hope the fans can anticipate that."

AleXa is performing at the Powerstation in Auckland before heading to Australia for her Sydney and Melbourne shows later this month.

Aucklanders can also head along to a free concert in Freyberg Square on Friday, where see AleXa, Paul Kim, and Peakboy are performing.

The concert is part of Korean Culture in Auckland (KCAKL) where High St and O’Connell St will transform into walking streets and markets.

“With KCAKL we want to bring communities to the city centre through the love of everything Korean – music, beauty, travel, food and more," Auckland Council says.


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