Taika Waititi teaches Rita Ora te reo phrases for lyrics

Thu, Mar 23
Rita Ora and Taika Waititi.

Rita Ora has revealed husband Taika Waititi has been sharing te reo Māori with her - and she's incorporated phrases into her lyrics.

The British singer was speaking to BBC Radio 1, who released a clip of her discussing the last lyrics she had written down.

Ora explained how Waititi spoke te reo and had been sharing his knowledge with her.

“I was learning words to put in my songs, so there’s a lyric that, it says ‘kiss me’ and in Māori... I hope I’m saying it right, it’s ‘homai te kihi’.

“It’s a really beautiful language, so that’s basically what my lyric is there,” she added.

After plenty of speculation, the pair earlier this year confirmed that they are indeed married.


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