Chinese startup invents kissing machine for long-distance couples

Fri, Mar 24

A kissing machine for long-distance couples has been invented by a Chinese startup.

The device, accompanied by an app, connects to users' smartphones and employs motion sensors, which collect kiss data and pair with silicone lips, to simulate kissing.

Although the device is intended to connect long-distance couples, and was inspired by China's severe Covid-19 lockdown measures, users are also able to download kissing data submitted by others on the app.

The MUA, named after the sounds people make they kiss, also captures and replays sound and warms up slightly during the experience.

Zhao Jianbo, who founded Siweifushe, which released the MUA as it's debut product, said he was inspired by not being able to meet his girlfriend due to lockdowns.

He focused his graduate studies on the lack of physical intimacy in video calls, and wanted to authentically recreate the physical experience of relationships.

The device is priced at 260 yuan (NZ$61) and two weeks after its release, Siweifushe has sold over 3,000 kissing machines and received about 20,000 orders.

User reviews have been mixed, with many complaints relating to the device's discomfort and lack of a tongue.


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