Parents of young trans Kiwis plan to leave kids at home amid protests

Sat, Mar 25
A counterprotest against Posie Parker and Standing for Women in Glasgow in February 2023

Amid the visit to New Zealand of anti-trans activist Posie Parker, full name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, parents of trans children say their kids are distressed at the current level of aggression against them.

One teen asked in tears “mum, why do people hate us?”

“As a woman and a feminist, I have never been silenced by trans-women,” said one mother.

“But I’m now very much silenced by those yelling that my kid’s identity is wrong. Where I used to speak openly, I’m now forced to speak anonymously to protect the identity of my kid.”

“My teen, who used to be open and proud, has gone stealth because they’re scared.”

Stealth is a term used by trans people who are not open about being trans.

“That right there is a woman and a child being silenced.”

Many parents who will be attending the counter-protest against Parker's event in Auckland tomorrow have decided to leave their children and teens at home so they’re not exposed to hostility from anti-trans groups.

Another parent says she’s gobsmacked that with current levels of violence against trans women so high “I just don’t get why they’re suddenly the threat".

“Our kids are being bullied and harassed. They’re fearful of public toilets. They’re completely bewildered by the lies being told about them, especially that they’re somehow a danger to women.

“Posie Parker supporters have to ask themselves, why are neo-Nazi’s attracted to this movement?” she said.

“People are being told that we should fear for our safety in public bathrooms when the real danger is those alt-right groups targeting innocent people just wanting to live normal lives.”

The parents 1News spoke to commented on the number of supportive messages they are receiving and wanted to thank those speaking in defence of their children.

Posie Parker in London in February 2023

“As well as the hate, we’re also feeling the love, and appreciate that those expressing love are a much larger crowd.”

Parker is expected to speak in Auckland today and Wellington tomorrow, with rainbow groups having failed in an attempt to have Immigration NZ's decision not to bar her from the country overturned.


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