Posie Parker rally: Protester explains tomato juice throw

Sat, Mar 25

A protester who splashed a litre of tomato juice on anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull today says she bluffed her way into the rotunda of Auckland's Albert Park, where the controversial campaigner was expected to speak.

Eliana Rubashkyn told 1News that the red liquid she threw was tomato juice. It was originally described online by many as red paint.

"I just dropped a litre of juice on her," she said. "Right now, she is smelling like tomato juice, and so she will not forget what happened here."

She described earlier strolling into the Albert Park rotunda where Keen-Minshull was later surrounded by protesters. Rubashkyn said she was asked whether she was part of counter-protests, which she indicated she was not a part of.

"I went inside. They were not thinking that I am a trans person. I am intersex and trans, but they can't tell.

"I started shadowing them and I literally went inside the rotunda. When Posie Parker came, I dropped it on her."

The protester said she attended the event to "stop the hate against our communities" around the world, which she believed Keen-Minshull had contributed to.

"We have to stop the hate against our communities because the world is, right now. It feels like we are in the 1930s again," she said.

"New Zealand needs to stand up in front of the world and say this is not welcome here. We protect trans people."

The protester said she threw the tomato juice because it represented the blood of "our people".

"I want her to know that her words are blood".

Thousands turned out for the counter-protest against the controversial UK speaker on Saturday.


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