Posie Parker juice thrower says arrest warrant imminent

The protester who threw tomato juice over anti-trans activist Posie Parker on Saturday says an arrest warrant is about to be issued against her.

Speaking from Sydney, Eliana Rubashkyn said police arrived at her Auckland flat this morning and spoke to her flatmate as she'd already fled the country.

"I said wow this is so scary, and I asked for help from friends, and they helped me come here (Sydney)," Rubashkyn said.

She said she was frightened by the response after the incident and had been receiving threatening messages.

"I know my life is going to change.

"I'm afraid, because I know a lot of people on Twitter, very important people with loads of followers, are advocating for (me to be) removed."

In a message seen by 1News, a senior police constable writes saying the "matter needs to be dealt with soon to remain low key".

"If we don't get any traction, police may have no option but to issue a warrant for your arrest," it reads.

Posie Parker splashed with tomato juice in Auckland's Albert Park on Saturday.

In a later message, the officer writes "application documents are likely to be filed in the Auckland District Court before 3pm today, seeking a warrant for your arrest".

Police this afternoon confirmed they are trying to locate "a person of interest" over the Albert Park incident.

"Several attempts were made by police yesterday and today to locate a person of interest in relation to a publicised assault at Albert Park on Saturday," a spokesman said.

"That person is aware that police would like to locate and talk to them about the incident, and ask them to come forward so the matter can be dealt with appropriately. There is currently no warrant to arrest this person."

Police can bring a person in to interview and charge them. When a person doesn't cooperate, police are able to file charges and get a warrant issued through the courts.


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