Kimbra's comeback: Grammy-winning Kiwi artist on her new album

Kiwi superstar Kimbra is making her comeback after releasing her new album A Reckoning.

Kimbra, who rose to fame in 2011 with her smash-hit collaboration with Gotye in Somebody That I Used To Know, told 1News it was "so much fun" creating her new music.

She released music in 2014, then 2018, before dropping her latest album in January this year.

"This is my first time making a record as an independent artist and it was just me and my co-producer Ryan Lott," she said.

"Getting to experiment and getting to try new ideas together and not having to many cooks in the kitchen, which is really liberating as an artist."

Kimbra, who won two Grammys for Somebody That I Used To Know, said every time she releases new music it's somewhat of a comeback because she waits a long time between releases.

"You disappear a bit and there's quite a lot of excitement when you get to come out with a new body of work and show everyone where you've been, what you've been doing in the last few years and kind of rebuild your image and rebuild the sound, that's what's exciting to me is the reinvention of each record."

Kimbra, who is based in New York, said both New Zealand and the US influence her music.

She described the two countries as "two different forces" in her life, which helps with her creativity.

"In one sense, I'm quite introverted and quiet and like to be still with nature and that's how all of my early songs were written.

"I also like the crazy stimulus of a place like New York, so I always try to come back and fourth and take in the energy of both worlds."

She said the feedback on her music from fans has so far been really positive, with some saying it's helped them through hard times.

"The feedback from fans has actually been really amazing, I think when you as an artist go into difficult places in your music or get you know, vulnerable with people, it helps them to feel permission to go into those places themselves.

"I hear a lot of people say it's been really healing, especially if it's been a hard time in their lives with the pandemic."

'The uniqueness of New Zealand music'

Kimbra is playing a show in Hamilton tonight before heading back up to Auckland for her set at Synthony in the Domain tomorrow.

She said she loves performing in her homeland, alongside other Kiwi artists like Dave Dobbyn, Sachi, and Shapeshifter.

"It's just extra special, it's where my whole career started and where I've played all my first gigs, [where I've] built myself from.

"Playing along side other Kiwi artists is amazing because I so believe in the uniqueness of New Zealand music and getting to be a part of that story of uplifting Kiwi music, celebrating other artists that are from here."

Kimbra said this year she's looking to finish off some other music she's been working on in the background while A Reckoning came to life.

The singer also said she has dreams of releasing poetry, which she's been working on recently.


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