Police give helping paw to critter stuck after late-night drink

Fri, Mar 31

Police on Auckland's North Shore have given a critter stuck in a prickly situation a helping paw after it became stuck while hunting for a late-night drink.

Constables Dana and Erin were filling up their patrol car at a local petrol station when they heard the "strange sound" of plastic being dragged from the other side of the forecourt, police said on Facebook.

"As Erin satisfied her craving for BP chicken bites, Dana investigated the source of the sound and found a hedgehog with its head stuck inside a bubble tea cup," police said.

"Dana immediately switched from police officer to an animal conservationist and put on her gloves to delicately remove the plastic cup from the hedgehog's head."

After the cup was safely removed, the hedgehog was placed in a nearby bush.

"Thanks to Dana's quick thinking and kind actions, the hedgehog could carry on with their evening, and Erin finally got her chicken bites."


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