QLD woman allegedly pinned driving offence on dead Sea World pilot

A Queensland woman has been accused of trying to dodge a fine for using her phone while driving by blaming it on the pilot who died in the Sea World helicopter tragedy earlier this year.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reports the 33-year-old woman was fined for using her phone on December 15 last year.

When sent a ticket notice earlier this year, the woman allegedly completed a statutory declaration stating Ashley Jenkinson was the driver of the vehicle.

However, Jenkinson was killed when the helicopter he was flying crashed into another helicopter on the Gold Coast on January 2 this year.

Police allege she found Jenkinson's full name and date of birth in an obituary notice.

A police spokesperson told ABC officers were alerted in mid-February by Jenkinson’s widow, who raised the traffic offence.

Police have issued a Notice to Appear over two fraud offences against a 33-year-old woman.

She’s due in court next Thursday.


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