Auckland dairy ram-raided days before bollard assessment

Sat, Apr 1

"I can't sleep," Jitender Patel said after the Swanson Rd superette he owns was ram-raided for the second time in a month.

He said the threat of being robbed is "very bad ... before it's alright", but now he feels constantly threatened, day and night.

Having been targeted so recently, Patel sought help from the Government to pay for fog cannons and bollards, and was due to be visited this week.

"It's taking a while to get here. If it was done straight away straight after the first time this wouldn't have happened the second time," his daughter Priya said.

Police say the offenders arrived in a stolen vehicle, but escaped in a different one. They're yet to be caught.

Ramraids are tracking down from their peak last August at 116 — this February there were just 40, the lowest total since October 2021.

Aggravated robberies, however, are on the rise.

Overnight, a Wairau Park store was also subject to a smash and grab, the vandal causing $5000 of damage with a hammer in the two minutes they were there.