Sydney plane crash survivor drives himself to hospital

Sat, Apr 1

When the plane's engine cut out 500 metres above the Oaks Airfield in New South Wales, 27-year-old Jake Elvin remembers thinking "s***, this is going to hurt".

He woke up battered and bruised, but still alive.

"After hitting those trees and coming in so rough, obviously getting knocked out for a while, and then waking up upside-down going ‘holy s***, I didn’t die!'"

His instructor was driven by his wife to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with a broken hand before paramedics arrived. Elvin had a similar idea, driving himself an hour and a half to the hospital.

Jake Elvin

"They almost sent me to the psych ward when I walked in and told them I had a plane crash; they're like 'mate, I don't think so', and I'm like 'nah, I've got a video, I'll show ya!"

Elvin spent the afternoon recovering from surgery but already has plans to buy a sea-plane and resume flying.

"The chances of it happening are like so small that you can’t let it stop ya," he said.