Sky TV's new Sky Box going to most 'loyal' customers first

Wed, Apr 19
The new Sky Box released today.

Sky TV's new Sky Box has officially launched today, with the company's most "loyal" customers the first to get their hands on one.

Some customers have also been promised a Sky Rewards offer if they pay the one off, non-refundable fee of $200 to upgrade to the new box.

"Once the new Sky Box is launched, we will be in touch with you directly if you're eligible for a Sky Rewards special offer," Sky said.

Another option of paying an ongoing, non-refundable $10 monthly fee is also available to those wanting to upgrade. Sky said this option is available as long as you subscribe to Sky Starter.

Its smaller white design immediately sets the device apart from the darker colours of the previous model.

The newly designed remote now features a Netflix button and voice command feature which Sky promises "will transform your entertainment experience".

Stored content from old sky boxes will not be transferable to the new ones.

Sky's new boxes have 1TB of storage and are capable of recording five shows at once while watching another programme live.


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