Good Sorts: Paul Brown's toy workshop brings joy to town

Mon, May 1

One Christchurch man spends all year making toys for kids at Christmas, but as 1News understands, he isn't just Santa in disguise.

Paul Brown's world has been quiet since losing his wife to breast cancer, and his son to melanoma before that.

Now, he finds joy in his shed - one that's commercially-sized and decked out with heavy duty machinery.

From graders to dozers, rollers, trolleys and deck chairs, Paul's made it all.

"I make 50 of everything... It takes me all year to make the 400 that I make," he told 1News.

When Christmas time rolls around, Paul's wooden marvels get passed on to kids on the nice list who need it most.

"Some kid that doesn’t have anything else will be happy… that’s the best thing," he said.

Though his health isn't the best, Paul isn't ready to pull in the reins anytime soon.

"I don’t know the devil what I’d do if I did. I’d be a lost soul."

Watch the full story in the video above.


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