Good Sorts: Meet the man feeding 80 families a week

Sun, May 7

A Christchurch drainlayer decided to start a food bank out of a spare bedroom in his house.

Hoon Hay Foodbank looks like a supermarket - that's all thanks to chief stacker Corrin Webster.

People love how tidy it is.

Corin’s very particular with the way he structures things inside.

Nothing lasts long - there’s probably enough in here to last two weeks.

Food and supplies for people who need them, like Timothy who walked two hours across town to get there.

"I’m in a situation where I'm struggling at the moment," he said.

He got shampoo and conditioner, and more food than he can carry.

Corrin runs a tight ship - you need an appointment first and to fill in some paperwork - but then the door opens.

"I wheel a trolley out and you take food to your car and wheel my trolley back," he said.

"No judging around here, we’ll help anyone that needs help."

He started the foodbank with his wife four years ago after helping a friend give away some food.

"Just seeing the love from people when they are receiving their food parcels," he said.

First they started at home with two families a week before making the decision to get a bit bigger.

"I’m pretty big now," he said.

It's so big, they have their own premises.

The food comes from rescue organisations - and donations.

Corrin can help between 80 and 100 families a week.

This time last year it was up to 180 a week.

Now there's less food donated - which means less food to donate.

But Corrin still gives all he's got.

"If you can’t eat, you can’t live," he said.


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