UK TV panel's 'ignorance' slammed after Tuvalu climate jibes

Tuvalu’s foreign minister has called for a Sky News Coronation celebrity panel, which made fun of the small island’s battle with climate change, to be held accountable.

The panel, which was discussing King Charles and his role with Commonwealth countries, joked about Tuvalu.

"Tuvalu's the one who wanted to stay the most," said presenter Anna Botting.

"Tuvalu, they’re about to go underwater, hope they have their snorkels on,” said Kathy Lette as everyone laughed.

In a tweet, Tuvalu Foreign Minister Simon Kofe questioned how anyone could find humour in the potential loss of entire countries and cultures due to climate change.

“It’s beyond comprehension and completely unacceptable..we must call out this behaviour and hold those responsible accountable for their ignorance."

Tuvalu is at the forefront of the world’s climate change challenges facing serious drought along with regular seawater flooding during king tides.

Kofe made world headlines at the UN’s Climate Change Conference in 2021 In Glasgow when he presented his speech knee deep in sea water.

Simon Kofe makes his address to GOP26.


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