Charity gets a helping hand from NZ Post

Grandparents raising Grandchildren says the free deliveries make a huge difference.

Courier services are essential for many of the country’s charities.

One of those organisations is Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG), which works to support more than 6200 families, raising 19,700 tamariki and rangatahi across Aotearoa.

GRG can now reach more of their members more easily after being selected for NZ Post’s Delivering for Good initiative and going on to win the People’s choice vote.

Now in its third year, Delivering for Good selects a number of community-focused organisations to receive a year’s worth of free courier services. The public then gets the opportunity to vote for the organisation they would like to see receive a second years’ worth – and GRG is this year’s winner.

GRG chief executive Kate Bundle says the organisation is “absolutely over the moon” to win the public vote and hence increase its ability to reach members all around the country.

“The reality is that so many of our grandparents don't have easy access to [getting] online. They need that physical printed material,” she says.

“We're so delighted that we will be able to meet more and more of the families that need our help.”

Getting more support to more families

As well as sending out information packs to grandparents who suddenly find themselves having to raise their grandchildren, GRG also arranges to send more practical support, like bedding, children’s clothing, nappies, and other essentials.

Bundle says the need for these items has accelerated since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

“It has really escalated with the rising cost of living, and while benefits have increased over the last few years, they haven't really kept pace with inflation. Our families are really, really struggling like they've never struggled before.”

Bundle says the money needed to send this practical support can add up as more families find they need help – money which could be used to advocate on behalf of all of New Zealand’s grandparents having to raise the youngest members of their family.

“Having this support from NZ Post means that we can not only remove the cost of deliveries from the equation, but we can actually ensure that we put more of our resources into advocating for our families, and invest in training,” she says.

NZ Post makes another free delivery for Sweet Louise.

Connecting people and communities

More than 60,000 free courier services have been provided to community focused organisations since NZ Post introduced its Delivering for Good programme in 2021.

NZ Post Community and Social Impact Manager Carolynn Gubb says the initiative helps organisations connect to their communities, which parallels NZ Post’s own mission.

“We’re proud to be making a difference in local communities by supporting charitable organisations and social enterprises by providing free courier services,” she says.

“For us, delivering for New Zealand also means supporting the neighbourhoods and communities where we live and work.”

Gubb says the 12 organisations receiving free courier services this year cover a wide range of programmes and services for New Zealanders.

“Each one is very deserving and were chosen because they are working towards improving connection, belonging and feelings of inclusion for all New Zealanders – which is the focus of NZ Post’s own community programme.”

Bundle says GRG is grateful to the Delivering for Good programme.

“It makes such a huge difference to organisations like us. It’s really significant,” she says.

“And to the people that voted for us - thank you, thank you, thank you. We’re just so delighted to get that support and that recognition for the work that we're doing, supporting these families and our communities.”

Other organisations chosen to be part of this year’s group are Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ, Kilmarnock, Neighbours Aotearoa, The Lucy Foundation (TLF), Asthma New Zealand, The Little Miracles Trust, Heart Kids NZ, Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, Ripple, Arthritis NZ, and Able.

More information about the organisations NZ Post is supporting can be found at and social enterprises who would benefit from free courier services can also register their interest for next year’s programme via the Delivering for Good website.

This content was sponsored by NZ Post.


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